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    The Joseph Solman Virtual Gallery

    Welcome. Joseph Solman Viola and Paul Solman here, great-grandson and son of Joseph Solman, the American master who in 1935 co-founded the expressionist "Whitney Dissenters" group, The Ten, with Mark Rothko, Adolph Gottlieb, Lou Schanker, John Graham et al. and guest artists like Milton Avery and Lee Gatch.


    Represented by galleries from NY's J.P. Neumann and the ACA to The Mercury Gallery in Massachusetts, collected by museums from the Phillips Collection to the Hirshhorn, Solman is featured here with, among other works, newly unearthed collages and East Asian ink paintings, all from the family estate. Also featured are artists from The Ten such as Ben-Zion and others under Solman's influence, such as photographer Jeff Lion Weinstock.




    For the gallery's current exhibit, click on "The Work' button below or top left. For a new short video (Joseph Solman pt. 1) on the start of his career, click on the brand new Joseph Solman YouTube channel.

  • A PBS NewsHour segment that ran after the death of

    Joseph Solman in the spring of 2008.

    To read more about Solman and his era, click the "Behind the Art" tab at the top of the page. Also see the website of UK gallery dealer and collector Timothy Heywood.


    For the latest coverage of Joseph Solman's work hanging in son Paul's house:

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  • A Solman Sampler

    Rooms in the Virtual Gallery

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  • Other Artists

    The friends and colleagues of Joseph Solman

    We have begun with two favorites of Solman's: Ben-Zion ( a fellow member of The Ten)

    and urban wall photographer Jeff Weinstock. More to come.

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    Acrobats in the Midnight Sky -- Ben-Zion

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    Havana Mask -- Weinstock


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  • The founders of the JS Virtual Gallery, off hours

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    Gallery CEO Paul "Mamp"

    (as in "grandpa," garbled) Solman

    introducing co-proprietor Joe Viola, CTO

    (after seeing a show of Japanese art in London)

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    If there were a sole proprietor, he might look like this

    (from an optical illusion

    exhibition in, of all places, Vilnius, Lithuania)

    And also from the Vilnius Museum of Illusions:

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